Episode 22: Kelly Willis

episode 22 is brought to you by, Filin'. "a chic boutique stocked with unique, yet reasonably priced attire" -austin monthly magazine nov. 2011. you can "like" filin' on facebook by clicking here http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002338039056

we have a new puppy here at "how did i get here?" headquarters. he's a little beagle boy... 10 weeks old and named, "beni". it's italian. i'm sure you will hear him on future podacasts. i have two other dogs, taylor and dylan. they'll meet this little guy soon and hopefully, all be friends. i love my dogs!

kelly willis is my guest for episode 22. this was my first time ever really talking to her. i really had a good time talking to her. she's very cool and grounded and extremely talented with a gorgeous voice. she came by the apartment and we talked about being one of the "50 most beautiful people" in people magazine, trying to navigate a "nashville" country career, balancing motherhood and a music career and her upcoming album with husband, bruce robison. you can find out what they're up to here, http://bruceandkellyshow.com/ also, if you're on twitter, you should follow kelly @kellywrobison .

i'll be in new york city next week with SKYROCKET!. we'll be playing at the hill country bar b cue on thursday, november 10th. for more info go to, http://www.hillcountryny.com/hc-live.ny i'll also be doing some podcasts while i'm there.... so, look out, nyc!!!! ciao! -jg

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