Episode 223: Little Brave

hello friends! i hope you're all doing well. today we add another chapter to my rat saga. i woke up to the faint stench of death in my kitchen. i went to the office of my apartments and told them and they sent someone over right away and they found the departed rat fink under the dishwasher. i'm glad they got it. hopefully, it's the last one. anyway, i'm getting my shit together to go to san antonio today (friday, 11/22/13) SKYROCKET! is playing at sam's burger joint music hall tonight. should be a good time. i'll be seeing former guest, chris taylor and he's bringing me a new painting he did of me. i'm looking forward to seeing that! san antonio, here we come!

my guest for episode 223 is extremely talented, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter stephanie briggs a.k.a, little brave! she's currently working on her third album as little brave and has a kickstarter campaign that goes until december 4th.here's a link, little brave kickstarter. if you like what you hear, you should kick her some cash and help her see her vision through. anyway, i reached out to stephanie because i liked what i heard of her music and what i saw of her performances. she came by and we talked about looping instruments live, having hits in qatar, playing all of the instruments yourself while recording, working with matt novesky, her her journey as a solo artist and much, much more! i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did. and remember, if you like what you hear, give her some money to finish her album. she's definitely deserving of it.

ciao! -jg

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