Episode 233: The Roosevelts

hello friends! i hope you all had a wonderful christmas even if you DON'T celebrate it. for most, it's a day off. you can't go to the grocery store, so if you don't have someone's christmas dinner to attend, you're relegated to chinese or the 7-11 sandwich selection. my family gifts of music i bought in local record stores seemed to be a success. not in that everyone actually cared, but at least i did it. i hope they enjoy their music. i'm just glad that the family was together. that was special. also, i got a crock pot! so i'm sure you'll be hearing about my slow-cooking adventures in the weeks to come. anyway, i hope your christmas was everything you hoped for. 

my guests for episode 233 are james mason and jason kloess otherwise known as, the roosevelts. i didn't know them but, i saw their video online one morning a couple of weeks ago and i thought it was great. i looked them up and it turns out, i know their manager. so i wrote her that morning and by that evening they were in my apartment and we were chatting the night away. it turns out they're really great guy and we had a great talk about med school, high-finance, a grandfather who invented many things, dude ranches, riding a bike across the u.s.a., sixth street, lessons gleaned from producer dwight baker and much, much more. i really enjoyed getting to know these guys. i'm sure will too.
ciao! -jg

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