Episode 250: Scorpion Child

hello friends of nature and rock and roll! i hope you're all doing well. i am. i've had a good week so far and it's only tuesday. i have a solo show this week on thursday 2/27 at stubb's in austin, tx. i'll be playing a songwriter in the round with ryan holley, paco estrada and a few other folks. should be fun. if you are in houston, skyrocket will be playing there on friday 2/28 at rockefeller hall. i believe that place is going to be closing in the next few months so, if you like seeing us there, which i know many people do, we're only doing two more shows there before it closes down. i know. it's sad. i saw a lot of great shows there... dr. john, the bodeans, the neville bros. the ohio players and many, many more. goodbye rockefeller hall. you had  a great run!

my guest for episode 250 is aryn jonanthan black from the full-throttle rock and roll band, scorpion child! you might have seen him on VH1's that metal show this past saturday (2/22/14). that show also named their debut, self-titled album as one of the top 5 albums of 2013. the album is amazing and the rock world and european rock world have embraced the band and they're returning to the u.k. next month. if you live there look them up. i've known aryn for a few years, he's always seemed like a real rockstar to me and he is. he's a genuine 24 carrot rocker. so is scorpion child. i hope you enjoy my conversation with aryn. i did! 

ciao! -jg

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