Episode 256: Jolie Goodnight

hello my friends! i hope that you are all doing well. if you were in austin for sxsw, i hope you've made it home safely or are making your way home safely. woah! what an overwhelming experience that was. i am completely exhausted by the experience. this year had a very different feeling than any other. it was very uncomfortable and even before the tragic deaths, there seemed to be a feeling of heaviness in the air. very strange. i interviewed a lot of people. you'll be hearing those shows in the coming weeks. i hope you like them. 

my guest for episode 256 is the lovely and talented, jolie goodnight! i just met jolie when i was working on her mom's album a month or so ago. her mom is kimmie rhodes (who you might have heard on the show last fall) and her dad was music legend, joe gracey. anyway, i got a copy of her debut album, "goodnight gracey" when i left that day. when i got home and listened to it, i loved it. after i asked her to come on the show, i was looking at some of her videos on youtube and found out that she is also a showgirl and burlesque dancer with the popular troupe, the jigglewatts. anyway, we really hit it off and had a great conversation about everything we could think of. jolie is a great talent and a great hang. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.
ciao! -jg

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