Episode 264: Caught A Ghost / Roto’s Magic Act

hello friends of rock! i hope this episode finds you happy and healthy. i think i'm good. trying to exercise, eat healthy and re-quit smoking. a terrible habit that follows me like a heroin habit. it's so hard to say no. as much as i try to avoid them, convenience stores scream at me as i drive by, "johnny! come in! we have cigarettes, bro!" then i cave. shit! e i eat like a fucking fiend when i quit. maybe i'll just eat carrots and celery this time. on a different topic, we have three shows coming out this week and next week. i have two more sxsw 2014 shows from loud hotel lobbies. i'll be releasing them along with two regular shows. so, if you don't like those loud shows, you'll still get two regular ones each week. does that make you happy?

episode 264 is another sxsw 2014 double-header. these were both done in hotel rooms so there's minimal noise. first up is los angeles blue eyed soul band, caught a ghost. their new album, human nature came out two weeks ago on 4/1/14. the album is great! i caught up with jesse and tessa in their hotel room and we had a quick, but very good conversation that almost didn't happen. next up, roto's magic act from brooklyn, ny. the band is the brainchild of my talented friend, james rotondi. james and i caught up in his hotel room just hours before his showcase and w talk about everything from his time in the bands air and mr. bungle to how to make a performance matter and then he performs a magic trick before my very eyes. great conversations with great musicians. i hope you enjoy getting to know these folks as much as i did.
ciao! -jg

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