Episode 272: Fire In The Kitchen

hello my fellow interneters! i hope you are all doing well. i am waking up from having a surprise night off last night. our skyrocket show got canceled because there was 75% chance of rain. well, it never rained, i didn't have to play some shitty gig i hate and i got to see some great comedy! that is a win, win, win for johnny. i saw lucas molandes and a bunch of other folks. great night of comedy. the other night i saw a great night of music too. i saw james mcmurtry who is unbelievable and then i got to see a secret show by spoon! the spoon show was such a treat! they played new songs and songs that span their whole career. i got to see a lot of cats i like there. great nights this week!

my guest for episode 272 is aaron blackerby from the rock band, fire in the kitchen. they have a new e.p., kingdom is dead and they're doing a record release show here in austin on saturday, may 10th 2014 at stubb's here in austin. aaron is a nice guy. he came by and we talked about growing up corpus, escaping corpus, traveling the world, moving to austin, trying to keep a band together and making his new e.p. good conversation with a good guy. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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