Episode 281: Ashley Monical

hello friends! i hope you're all well. i just got back from new york yesterday and i feel like crap. i think i have some sort of summer cold or just full-blown city exhaustion. i had a great time out there. played a couple of shows with SKYROCKET!, saw a bunch of friends, did a podcast, walked about 80,000 miles, stayed in the nice part of town and stayed in the ghetto... i had the city experience without ever even getting in a subway. hey! we have a live podcast recoding coming up THIS tuesday, june 17th, 2014 at 8 pm at strange brew in austin, tx. my guest will be, funnyman, charlie hodge, amazing singer/songwriter, graham wilkinson and one of my favorite bands around, sphynx! all of these folks have been on the show and are incredibly entertaining. you should come out, get involved and be a part of "how did i get here?".

my guest for episode 281 is the talented and entertaining, ashley monical! i saw a video of ashley's on facebook and i thought it was so good, that i asked her to come on the show and tell me her story. well, it turns out, it's a great story about world travel, following a dream she had since she was a child, american idol, making music, writing songs, making records and finding her unique and beautiful voice on her own. i really enjoyed getting to know ashley. i'm sure you will too. 
ciao! -jg

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