Episode 315: Three:33

hello friends! i think my long internet wireless router nightmare will be coming to a close soon. time-warner is coming on saturday to fix my problem. until then, i'll be traveling and playing shows. today i'm headed to scottsdale, arizona for a show with SKYROCKET!. tomorrow, we'll be flying to houston for another show and then home on friday afternoon. we have a good time traveling together. check out my instagram for photos of the trip if that's something you're into. 

my guest for episode 315 is frontman extraordinaire, tony park from the band, three:33! some of you may know tony from his old band and my old friends, pushmonkey. i've known tony for over 20 years and i've seen him play shows at co-op house parties in '92 to seeing sharing a weekly residency with his band, pushmonkey and seeing them open for kiss, to opening for them on their major-label record release tour. in all that time though, i've never gotten to just sit down and talk o tony for an extended period of time. we got to a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome!  i'm looking forward to more hangs with this amazingly talented and super-sweet dude. enjoy our conversation. i did. let's get down!
ciao!- jg

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