Episode 32: Alpha Rev - Casey Mcpherson

hey everyone! i am happy to announce that i am almost (88%) done with my christmas shopping! no women will cry because of empty boxes. i won't have holiday guilt. (well, no more than usual). also, i'll be playing some shows with one of my best friends, joseph king. come out and see the shows. these are my first solo shows in a long time.

WED 21 DEC DEAN'S BAR ::: Houston 316 Main St 9pm

THURS 22 DEC HOTEL VEGAS ::: Austin 1500 E 6th St 9pm

my guest today is casey mcpherson from the band alpha rev. casey is an exceptional musician/songwriter/human being and one of my best friends. he came by the apartment yesterday morning bearing the gifts of espresso and honesty. we got to talk about his how he turned his experiences with family suicides and self-destructive behavior into beautiful music, how hundreds of fans and steve jobs helped get his music back from disney,  his newest album, "city farm: roots", his involvement on the board mental health america of texas and much, much more. i hope you enjoy our conversation.

ciao! -jg

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