Episode 323: Ed Jarusinsky

hello friends! i hope you've voted and feel good about the decision you've made as to who will be our leaders. just remember, if it ends up terrible, it's all your fault. just kidding. i hope you're all doing well. i am. i have gotten a slow start with this podcast because i just got behind. that happens. i had a good weekend in houston playing shows with skyrocket and hanging out with my family. this week we're home. we only have one skyrocket show which is this saturday, at hanovers in pflugerville. if you live in the north austin area, come out and experience the madness.

my guest for episode 323 is the amazing drummer, ed jarusinsky! you might know ed from him playing with robyn ludwick, kevin mckinney, wrenfro and many, many more. i've known ed for a few years but not very well so i was excited to sit down and have a long talk with him. boy did we have a long talk about everything from a 70's kiss concert on hbo, growing up in conneticut, getting into metal, prog and jazz, the university of north texas, moving to austin and navigating the scene and much, much more. i had a great time getting to know ed. i'm sure you will too. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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