Episode 33: Deadbeat Darling - Joseph King

"how did i get here?" wishes you and yours a very merry christmas! happy hanukkuh! and anything else you might choose to celebrate. do any of you worship satan? if you do, what do you do? do you eat chinese with the jews? i think i'm going to eat chinese this christmas as well. if any of you satanists or jews want to meet me for chinese on christmas, just email me.

my guest for this very special christmas episode is one of my very best friends ever! this has been "johnny's bros. week". i'll be honest, interviewing your closest friends is not as easy as it seems, but it's nice to sit with someone you've been through a lot of shit with and talk. really talk. joseph and i played some shows together and had a great time for a couple of days and played some pretty successful shows. anyway, it was great to have this conversation with joseph. his band, deadbeat darling, has a new album coming coming out in march. the album is beautiful! i hope you enjoy our hungover conversation.

thank you so much for listening to this podcast! ciao! -jg

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