Episode 40: Loris Lowe - Radio D.J.

my guest for episode 40 is my old friend, radio d.j., loris lowe. loris has been a familiar voice to her fans and a champion of local music in austin for over 20 years now. she is the 6-10 pm d.j. on KGSR and host of the over 25 year old show on KLBJ, "local licks". on this episode we discuss loris' early days as a college raddio dj inthe thriving metropolis, odessa, tx to her four-year stint in the ever-so flat,  lubbock, tx and then her move to austin and KLBJ, where she worked her way up from substitute dj to music director to host of "local licks". in this interview we discuss the way that her job has changed since she started and radio's corporate changes.... i had a blast talking to her. so, here's my friend, loris lowe.

ciao! -jg

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