Episode 405: Emily Wolfe Returns!

hello friends! i hope you're all staying cool in the dog days of summer. i'm enjoying a slow and relaxing sunday morning. i've been playing the last three nights with skyrocket. they were all great shows. we had a drummer subbing for our drummer and he did a great job. our how in houston at house of blues on friday was sold out. that was good. hey! we have a live podcast recording coming up on wednesday, september 9th from 8-10 pm at the townsend right here in austin, tx. my guests will be kathy valentine, miles zuniga (fastball), amy edwards and emily bell! if you're in austin and would like to come, check out our facebook event page.

my guest for episode is the amazingly talented, emily wolfe! emily was on the show a couple of years ago and since her last appearance her life has changed drastically and we get into it. she has a new single, "cigarette burns" and is currently working on a new album. anyway, we met up at the werd company podcast studio and had a great conversation about recovery, staying sober, writing music, working with the great mike mccarthy, her plans for the next year and much, much more. emily is such a great talent and i want to thank her for being so brutally honest with me about what she's been going through lately. that stuff is never easy. i hope you enjoy our conversation as much as i did. let's get down! 
ciao! -jg

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