Episode 41: Kevin Connor - Radio DJ

the academy award nominees were announced yesterday morning. this reminded me how many pictures (which is how i will say "movies" now) i haven't seen this year. my cousin eric and i are planning to "live tweet" during the oscars again this year. i hope you tune in (by following us on twitter @johnnygoudie & @ericrudolphy . last year i had seen one picture. this year, i decided to see the pictures. all of them if possible. so far, of the nominated, i've seen, "moneyball", "the help", "midnight in paris" and "bridesmaids" i have a lot more to see and i will see them. speaking of pictures we have a new movie segment called, "shit just got reel", which features my cousin eric rudolphy. in this episode he talks about the 2012 oscar nominees... enjoy!

my guest for episode 41 is KUT dj, Kevin Connor. Kevin has been in radio for the better part of 30 years. from his start at the historic boston station WBCN, to following his heart to austin, tx and having many jobs in the music business, from morning radio for 16 years at KGSR to his work with SXSW and everything in between. kevin is a great and entertaining guy. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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