Episode 42: Andy Langer - Esquire Magazine, KGSR, Austin Music Awards Host and much more.

it's super bowl week. sorry. it's super bowl week and i don't even know who's playing. well, that's not totally true... i know madonna's playing. i just don't know who she's playing against. i sure do hope she plays "vogue" and uses the big cone boobs from the movie about her and her dancers. i think between the song and the cone boobs, she has a great chance of walking out of there a winner. that's my prediction for the super bowl. now, go call your bookie and put all of your money on madge!!

my guest for episode 42 is my old friend, andy langer. i met andy sometime in early 1993 when he wrote for the austin chronicle and interviewed my band, mr. rocket baby. since then, andy's career has really taken off in both print (esquire magazine) and radio (KGSR weekdays 2-6 pm). he just got to count down the new year with willie nelson and billy gibbons, he books and co-hosts the wildly popular KGSR morning show during SXSW week, he hosts the austin music awards and on and on. if you want to keep up with andy, his website is, andylanger.com or you can follow him on twitter, @andylanger i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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