Episode 459: Emily Bell Returns!

hello friends! i hope you're all getting ready for a fabulous weekend! the weather in austin is unseasonably gorgeous today. i would complain about global warming, but i'll just keep recycling, turning off my lights, walking instead of driving and things of that nature. it's also, my girlfriend, zuri's birthday and i have the weekend off from playing so we're going to hit the town all weekend! i hope you are too!

my guest for episode 459 is the amazingly talented and entertaining, emily bell! emily has a fantastic new single out "goddess of destruction", a new band, emily bell & the talkbacks and a new residency! since emily was on the show in 2013, her life has taken many turns, both good and bad. now she's taken all of that energy and put it into a gorgeous/cathartic collection of songs that she will be showcasing with her new band, the talkbacks every other tuesday at stay gold in austin starting this tuesday, feb 2nd. if you don't live in austin, you can find all things emily bell at emilybell.com! i hope you enjoy my conversation with emily. i sure did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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