Episode 460: The Halfways

hello friends! i hope you're all had a good weekend. i actually had a weekend. i didn't play this weekend, so my weekend was "normal". friday was girlfriend, zuri's birthday and we had brunch, went shopping, had a nice french dinner, saw a comedy show, saw a rock & rock/sex show and got really drunk. we got down on friday night and could not get back up on saturday. anyway, i had a great weekend. happy birthday zuri!

my guests for episode 460 are daniel and alejandro from psychedelic rock band, the halfways! the halfways just released their debut e.p. a couple of weeks ago, they've been playing in and around texas for the last few months and they're the austin music foundation's band of the month. daniel and alejandro came by a few weeks ago and we had a great conversation about trying to rock in miami, making their way to austin, finding bandmates and bands through ads, making the new ep and much, much more. you can find out all you need from the halfways by going to thehalfways.com. i hope you enjoy getting to now these guys as much as i did. let's get down!
ciao! -jg

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