Episode 489: Bonnie Whitmore

hello friends! i hope this episode finds you living the dream. i'm good. i have tonight (friday) off, so i'm going to see john evans' record release show. zuri and i also got invited to a special "invite only" acoustic show before the actual show, so i guess we're making it a john evans night! heads up! the austin music foundation is having a panel next wednesday, may 18th at 7pm called, "recording your music: how? when? why?". the panel will take place at the legendary arlyn studios here in austin. panelists include dwight baker, mark hallman, gina fant-saez, jacob sciba and i will be moderating it. just go to austinmusicfoundation.org  for more info and to rsvp. see you there!

my guest for episode 489 is the amazing singer/songwriter, bonnie whitmore! bonnie is about to make a new album and needs your help so she started a pledgemusic campaign. check it out at pledgebonnie.com 25% of all donations go to planned parenthood. bonnie and i had a great conversation about naming her new album, fuck with sad girls, dealing with sexual abuse through music, the detrimental effects of growing up on disney movies, having a female support network, her electronic project, coyotes: life and after life (only available when you donate to her pledge campaign) and much, much more. i had a blast getting to know bonnie. i'm sure you will too. let's get down!

ciao! -jg

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