Episode 50: Matt The Electrician

EPISODE 50!!!!! thank you so much for listening. thanks to all of my guests! thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and have helped with the podcasts especially jessi and jessica. here's to the next 50!!!!!

my guest for episode 50 is matt the electrician. matt is an amazing singer/songwriter i've known for about a decade, i think. we sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather (sorry about the dogs barking and the birds) and he told me about his experiences growing up as the son of a carpenter, his early 90's world beat band, moving to austin, becoming an electrician, playing out in his work clothes, touring europe and japan and his danish songwriting retreats in a castle and all the while, maintaining a 22 year marriage and family. ladies and gentlemen, this is my friend, matt the electrician.

enjoy! -jg


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  • Robert George

    Hey Johnny

    Another really enjoyable podcast. Matt seams like such a nice guy. You can really hear the life experience when he talks and I think it shows in his love for being able to do what he loves. I really liked the samples of Matt’s music and I will be adding him to my collection as well. Thanks for turning me on to some more new (to me) Austin music. It really means a lot to someone that is living abroad to have that piece of home

    Mar 27, 2012 at 4:18 am