Episode 51: Akina Adderley

today is the first day of sxsw. you might actually be listening to this podcast on your way to austin. i'm actually getting my shit together to leave town for a couple of days to play some shows. here at "how did i get here?" we've been setting up interviews for the week.... so look for some sxsw shows coming in the next couple of weeks.

my guest for episode 51 is the lovely and talented, akina adderley. i first heard about her when members of SKYROCKET! worked on a pink floyd tribute show. she was the girl who sang "great gig in the sky"... i heard so much about her from them that her name stuck. anyway, jessica set-up our interview and i finally got to meet the fabulous akina. we sat outside with my dogs and she told me about growing up in an extremely talented and successful musical family, her grandfather was cornetist, nat adderley, her father is pianist, nat adderley jr. and her mother is singer-actress, janet adderley. she went to the actual "fame" high school, she teaches, she writes, she records & performs with her band, akina adderley & the vintage playboys and she is a great hang. i hope you enjoy my conversation with akina. i did.

ciao! -jg

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