Episode 539: Jeff Glatz

Hello friends! Well, it's Election Day. Possibly the most hyped Election Day in my life. In fact, I find that the hype, polarization of the two candidates, setting historical precedence by having the first woman running as the candidate for a major party and on the other hand, having a 70-year-old "Blaine" from "Pretty In Pink" as the other party's candidate. It's pretty fucked up, but it's pretty clear who I am behind. I wonder what the media is going to do after this race is over. What will be the next big hyped thing? Good luck, America. The world is watching. i hope we make the right choice. 

My guest for episode 539 is singer/songwriter, Jeff Glatz! His gorgeous debut e.p., Multiverse, comes out next Tuesday, 11/15 and you can find it at jeffglatz.com and where ever you get your music online. Jeff stopped by a while back and we had a great conversation about growing up in Pittsburgh, Peacefield his band with his brother, hosting living room concerts, making Multiverse and much, much more. I hope you enjoy getting to know Jeff. I sure did. Let's get down!

Ciao! -jg

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