Episode 540: Black Books

Hello friends! How are you? No. Seriously, how are you? You good? People are freaking out and taking to the streets in protest. Insanity is ensuing. They're working on my aprtments and making a lot of noise during my nap time. I don't know if the latter has anything to do with the election, but honestly, ever since Trump was elected president, they've been working on my apartments and making all kinds of noise during my nap time. Anyway, I'm sure I'll get to the bottom of this conspiracy. I hhope you all have a nice weekend and be good to each other. 


My guest for episode 540 is Black Books frontman, Ross Gilifillan! Black Books just played a Sound ON Sound Fest aftershow last weekend and debuted some new songs from an upcoming record they hope to release in February. I got to sit down with Ross earlier this week and we had a great conversation about all things Black Books, making a record while enduring divorces, marriages and member changes, how a tour with The Flaming Lips got him out of boot camp and much, much more! I had an amazing time getting to know Ross and I absolutely love Black Books. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!


ciao! -jg

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