Episode 541: Mandy Rowden Returns!

Hello friends! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was good. I went to the Mac & Cheese Festival on Sunday with my friend A.J.. It was a pretty amazing experience that ended in possibly worst stmach ache I've ever had. What happened was, I went to the festival hungry. They were toally over-serving and I ate the whole 5-8 pounce servings right off the bat. There were tons of different cheeses including Gorgonzola, Bleu Cheese and other crazy cheeses mixed with bacon, chorizo, pork, brisket and anything else you can imagine. I say, if you go, only taste the mac & cheese and you'll be fine. You can watch our adventures at The Mac & Cheese Festival on our show "Cooking/Drinking with Johnny & AJ"

Singer/songwriter, Mandy Rowden returns to the show for episode 541! Mandy has just released a new album, 1,000 Miles and has been touring behind it. In fact, she's been touring since she was last on the show promoting her album, These Bad Habits which was #2 in The Austin Chronicle Music Awards. Mandy came by a few weeks ago and we talked about touring, making 1,000 Miles, strange times at The Americana Music Awards, Girl Guitar Austin and the opening of Girls Guitar Nashville and much, much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation. I sure did. Let's get down!

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