Episode 545: Aly Tadros Returns!

Hello friends! I hope your holiday was a success and that you got to spend time with loved ones. I had a good Thanksgiving. It was a great weekend. I had a blast playing with SKYROCKET! at Fitzgerald's in Houston on Friday. This Friday, we'll be playing at Cedar Street Courtyard here in Austin. This is the best time of year at Cedar Street, cool nights, good friends, the whole thing. I'm recording some this week. I'l let you know how it goes. 

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, Aly tadros returns to the sow for episode 545! Aly's latest album, the gorgeous, Hungry Ghost, comes out this Friday December 2nd. you can download her latest single, "Rivers" now. Just go to Alytadros.com for all of your Aly tadros needs. We got to sit down and chat when she was here for The Dripping Springs Singwriter Festival back in October. Aly and I have a great conversation about her time at the songwriter festival, virtual assistants, her love of bacon, making Hungry Ghost and much, much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation. I sure did. let's get down!


ciao! -jg

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