Episode 551: Chris Taylor Returns!

Hello friends! I hope you're all staying warm. I am. I actually made a huge dent in my Christmas shopping today. That's always a relief. How did we make Christmas so stressful? It makes you realize how poor you are, how much you wish you could give people. At the same time, you stress out getting your cousin's boyfriend something you think he'll like and he's not even going to show up. I spent a lot of time the last couple of years buying people music I thought they would like, but i've seen a couple of cd's I bought over the last couple of years still in the cellophane. Merry Christmas!

San Antonio's hyper-prolific artist/singer/songwriter, Chris Taylor returns to the show for episode 551! Chris put out three albums in 2016, the electronic, Re: Imagine, the gorgeous double-album, Never Ending Now and the politically infused, USBlues. Three fantastic albums! You can find all of his albums and his amazing artwork at christaylorworld.com. Chris and i met up at Sam's Burger Joint Music Hall before my gig in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago. We have a great conversaion about what drove Chris to make 3 albums this year, playing with his band, fighting fear with art, what the election year means to him and much, much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation. I did. Let's get down!


Ciao! -jg



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