Episode 552: The Mammoths

Hello friends! Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukuh! Happy Holidays! What ever you do to celebrate this time of year, I wish you happiness. I have finished my Christmas shopping. I have done my wrapping and I am ready to head out to speand a few days with my family and celebrate this holiday. Hopefully nobody fights or cries or gets upset or leaves or anything like that. Have a good holiday! 

My guests for episode 552 are Austin rockers, The Mammoths! Their new e.p. Golden Spell comes out January 5th. Their single "So Cold" is out now. This January they'll embark on their first six-week U.S. tour in support of Golen Spell. The tour startis on January 14th in Grand Junction Colorado and ends at Arlene's Grocery in New York City on March 3rd got to themammothsmusic.com to find out if they're coming to a town near you. We have a great conversation about how they write as a band, their love of rock and roll, my love of Astroglide and much, much more! Happy Holidays everyone! Let's get down!


ciao! -jg

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