Episode 557: Barbara Nesbitt

Hey gang! I hope you're all thawing out after the freezing winter weather that engufed most of the United States this weekend. I actually have my windows open today and it's really nice out. With all of the freezing weather this weekend, my gig on Friday got cancelled and i ended up staying home Friday and Saturday night. I'm glad we don't have long winters here because just after two days, I start to go nuts and get really depressed. So sad and confused that I gave in to a Red Lobster "Shrimp-fest" commercial... I talk aboutit in the intro. 

Singer/songwriter, Barbara Nesbitt is my guest for epsiode 557! Her fourth solo album, the gorgeous, Right As Rain comes out this Friday, January 13th and she's playing a release show at Strange Brew Loungeside here in Austin on Saturday, January 14th. Barbara and I have a great conversation about co-producing Right As Rain, playing in a jam band in her teens in Virginia, long singing engagments in China, The Whiskey Sisters and much, much more! To find out where and when she's playing go to barbaranesbitt.com I hope you enjoy getting to know Barbara. I sure did. Let's get down! 


ciao! -jg

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