Episode 585: Fastball

Hello friends! i hope his episode finds you all living the American dream. I'm good. I've spent the week doing podcasts, rehearsing with my drummer Joe Humel, rehearsing with SKYROCKET! and working with The Austin Music Foundation. You might wonder if I ever fuck anything up because some days, I do at least three of those things. The answer is yes. This week I deleted a podcast right after I recorded it with a band called, Girling. I was doing a lot of different things that day and I just got confused and turned off my machine without saving it. They're coming back next week and we're gonna redo it. I think I need a vacation. 

My guests for episode 585 are Tony Scalzo and Miles Zuniga from the pop band, Fastball! They're releasing theirsixth album, Step Into The Light on Friday, May 19th and they're going on tour all summer of the U.S. with Everclear and Vertical Horizon. You can find out if they're coming to a town near you by going to fastballtheband.com Tony and Miles and I have a great conversation about how they met and formed Fastball, getting signed by Hollywood Records, Keeping the original band together for six albums and for over 20 years, their friendship, disterous self-managing times, getting the Machine Gun Kelly and Camilla Cabelo's interpelation of the Fastball song "Out Of My Head" called, "Bad Things" and much, much more! I genuinely love these guys and their band. You will too after this show. Let's get down!

ciao! -jg

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