Episode 60: Alexandra Valenti - Album art, photography, videos, art

today's episode is sponsored by: The 7th Annual Marijuana Law for Musicians and DWI Law for Social Drinkers Monday, April 16th, 2012, at the Mohawk, Austin. 8-9pm. Free.

hello everyone! i am staying with two of my dogs for the next two weeks. they are both nudging my hands while i type this. i just realized that i think they're jealous because they think i'm petting this computer, which coincidentally, is their only rival for my attention. i wish jessi and beni would come back. i don't talk about it much on the podcast but i miss the hell out of them. they'll be back in august. thank god.

don't forget! if you're in austin, i'll be playing this sunday at hotel vegas at 7 pm opening for my friend, danny malone who plays at 8.

my guest for episode 60 is my dear friend and the amazingly talented, alexandra valenti! alexandra directed my videos for "back of a magazine" and "you can't pretend forever" (which she is in as well.) as well as the artwork for my album "el payaso" and tons of other bands... i met alexandra around 8 or 9 years ago through friends. they thought we would be great friends... they were right. i was glad alexandra was able to come by the apartment and talk to me about growing up in washington as the daughter of one of washington and hollywood's biggest influence peddlers, college at berkley, disappointing hollywood scriptwriting experience, lying her way into cool jobs assisting amazing photographers, video directing, album cover making, photography, art for art's sake and of course, the urban chicken movement. check out alexandra's work here www.alexandravalenti.com i always have a good time with alexandra. i think you can tell. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i sure did.

ciao! -jg


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  • Robert George

    Alexandra sounds adorable. I looked at her web site and I love her work, she definitely has a great eye for photos. It’s great that you’ve surrounded yourself with such cool and interesting people. It’s good that you change it up every so often. I really enjoy it.



    Apr 24, 2012 at 4:20 am
  • howdidigethere

    thanks robert! i’m lucky to know a lot of talented and loving people.

    Apr 24, 2012 at 8:04 am