Episode 651: Kalu & The Electric Joint

Hello friends! Kalu James from kalu & The Electric Joint returns to the show today! Kalu has gone through some changes since his last visit to our show. Since his father's passing, he joined forces with his talented guitar playing co-writer, JT Holt and along with co-producer Brett Orrison they've made an amazing album about loss and redemption, Time Undone. Through the process of making the album and healing in life, Kalu ditched the nightly restaurant gigs and focused his energy on making an album with purpose. It's paid off. Kalu and I have a great conversation about comeing together with JT and making music, getting rid of his anger, becoming a U.S. citizen, making Time Undone, his connections to Widespread Panic and more. I always have a great time chatting with Kalu. Enjoy. Let's get down!

ciao! -jg

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