Episode 657: The Wheelwrights

Happy 2018! Austin indie/folk trio, The Wheelwrights are my guests for episode 657! Their debut album, A Forest In Trees is available now where ever you stream or download music. They're playing a show at Lemon Lounge in Austin, TX on Saturday, January 20th. You can find all their info at thewheelwrights.com. Band members, Seth Grueneberg, Jon-Michael Rogers and Anna Larson came by a few weeks ago and we had a great conversation about how they worked with 12 visual artists and 3 studios/producers to create 13 songs paired with unique pieces of art to make A Forest In Trees, parenting, how they came together as a band, Anna's son's spirit animal is James Brown, unlearning a classical music education and much, much more! I had a great time getting to know The Wheelwrights. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!

ciao! jg

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