Episode 660: Go Fever

Hello friends! Acey Monaro and Benjamin Burdick from 2017/1018 Austin Music Awards "Best New Band" nominees, Go Fever are my guests for episode 660! Their absolutely brilliant self-titled, debut album (I call it and e.p. in the show. I don't know why and I'm sorry) came out last year. Acey was part of the 2017 ATX-6 Project and traveled to Japan and Europe this year. You can find Go Fever, their music and when they'll be playing by going to gofever.com We have a great conversation about Acey's Austrailian origins, Benjamin's Humbolt County origins, being married and being in the same band, making their debut album with Danny Reisch, how it's hard to be enigmatic when you talk too much, Smooth Move Tea, your family is on Facebook and much, much more! I had a blast getting to know Acey and Benjamin and I'm pretty sure I'll be on their couch watching "Planet Earth" with them soon. Let's get down!

ciao! jg

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