Episode 67: David’ Garza

hi people!

as i sit down to write this paragraph about this interview, i am realizing all of the things i never talked to my guest about. he's opened for and toured as a sideman with fiona apple, alejandro escovedo and more. writing and working with the hanson brothers and so many more... oh well, this can be my excuse to have him on again in a year.

my guest for episode 67 is my dear friend, david' garza! david' and i played our first show together in 1991 at fitzgerald's in houston and have been friends ever since. david' was a tough guy to nail down for this. he is not one that's comfortable in these situations without making music, so i was so ecstatic that after months of asking, he finally agreed to come and talk to me on the record. david' is my favorite musician. when he picks up an instrument, wether it's my ukelele at a party and playing a hawaiian version of "the stroke" by billy squier or sitting at a piano in a random restaurant and playing for hours, i love to hear him make music. david' is an extremely versatile and prolific musician. if you don't own any of his music or have never seen him play live, i urge you to go to www.davidgarza.com immediately and buy some music and find out when he's playing near you!  i really hope you enjoy our conversation. i did!

ciao! -jg

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