Episode 7: Kat Edmonson

hello friends! i have to apologize for not posting any new episodes last week. sorry. i had to postpone the david' garza (don't worry ladies, we're having a make-up session next week!) episode and joseph king and i couldn't meet up. it was going to be "mexican week". i was really excited to have a theme. sadly, i have to do them another time. i went out and saw the lossy coils last night which features my friends, ian moore and matt harris. it was AMAZING! i was in an earlier incarnation of this band and i stepped out to make my album, "el payaso". i needed to make that album, but i have always regretted leaving the lossy coils. i have had a lot of bands and i spent many years on the road with someone that i fit perfectly with socially. his name is einar pedersen. outside of einar, i have only been in two bands that the whole band, personality wise, worked perfectly. this is one of them. anyway, it was great to see ian and matt. i love the music they're making together. they will be here over the next couple of days and they're coming to do the podcast!

episode 7 features kat edmonson. kat is extremely talented, she is very smart and she has worked really hard and seized the opportunities presented to her and in her short career, she has managed to release a socially conscious song that had hundreds of thousands downloads, put out an album that had a song licensed a few times for tv shows and was hand-picked by lyle lovett to open his summer tour in 2010 and she joined him on the jay leno show for a duet. i had a great time talking to her and i'm glad to have made a new friend. i hope you enjoy our conversation. ciao! -jg

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