Episode 703: Daisy O’Connor Returns!

Hello friends! The talented and always entertaining, Daisy O'Connor returns to the show for episode 703! Daisy's new EP, the raw and brilliant, Mixtape dropped yesterday, June 7th. Daisy is celebrating the release of Mixtape with a show at The Cactus Cafe' here in Austin next Thursday, June 14th. Go to daisyoconnor.com for tour dates, music, videos and more. We have a great conversation about recording Mixtape on 4-track cassette in Norman, OK, the fun involved when not recording on computers, working with her new band, she plays a brand new song called, "Crazy" live in the studio, her summer touring and vacation plans and much more! I always have a great time hanging with Daisy. I'm sure you will too. Let's get down!

Ciao! -JG

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