Episode 74: Jason Blum

today's show is brought to you by the law office of charlie roadman. www.roadmanlaw.com

hey everyone! i hope this podcast finds you well. summer's here. before i forget, i'm playing a solo show TONIGHT thursday, may 31st at scoot inn in austin, tx. i play at 9:30. come out!

my guest for episode 74 is singer/songwriter, jason blum. a couple of months ago, i ran into jason and his girlfriend at a show here in town. jason told me he had moved back here from nyc and gave me a copy of his unreleased new album, "radio dial". well, the other day i came across the album in a backpack, listened to it and asked jason to come over and talk to me about this new album and how he got here. so, he came over before he went to play a gig, i went with him. it was a good show and a good time. i hope you enjoy my conversation with jason. i did.

ciao! -jg

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