Episode 76: Electric Touch - Isaac & Portland

today's episode is brought to you by the law office of charlie roadman in austin, tx  www.roadmanlaw.com

hello there folks! i hope you're all doing well. i'm sitting here trying to figure out what i want for dinner and if i want to go out and do something tonight. what's happening on mondays in austin? it looks like my long-awaited interview with nakia is finally going to happen... wow! right? i guess we'll find out on wednesday. on this episode, i read an email from danny malone's mom!!!! can you believe it? if you listened to the danny malone episode, we specifically talk about how his mom should NOT listen to that podcast. well, she did.... and she wrote me an email. listen to this episode and hear what she has to say.

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my guests for episode 76 are isaac and portland from the band, electric touch. you might remember electric touch's singer and my dear friend, shane lawlor, was our guest for episode 5!!!! when i interviewed shane, their island/def jam release, NEVER LOOK BACK hadn't been released yet. in fact, i think their single came out a few weeks after our interview. anyway, tweeted isaac yesterday and asked him to be on the show so that we could catch-up. the band has been on tour with evanessence and hot chelle rae, they've made a couple of videos, they've been playing festivals, they've been active on social media and they have a growing and very loyal following. i was glad that isaac and portland came by. i always love running into them and seeing them around. they're great guys and i had a great time talking to them. i hope you enjoy it too.

ciao! -jg

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