Episode 820: Ray Wylie Hubbard

Hello friends! Legendary singer/songwriter, Americana hero, author, Ray Wylie Hubbard is my guest for episode 820! Ray's discography and career speak for themselves. His adventurous life has been documented on tons of albums and even an autobiography, A Life... Well, Lived. Though his career started in honky-tonks in the 70's and he had a hit when Jerry Jeff Walker covered his irreverent barroom classic, "Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother" in 1973, by the mid 80's his partying ways had left him lost and at the end of his rope. Then he sobered up, took control over his life and career. He started running his label and organization with his wife and partner, Judy and his career has flourished. We have an amazing conversation about his life and career including crazy and amazing things like, being bachelor #2 on "The Dating Game", having Ringo Starr play on his upcoming album, his songwriting process, social media, collaborations with The Bright Light Social Hour, The Bluebonnets, Jesse Dayton and others and much more! I had an amazing time getting to know Ray. I know you will too. To find Ray's music, tour schedule or book, go to raywylie.com. Let's get down!

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Ciao! -JG


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