Episode 83: B-Doe - Radio personality

another 4th of july has passed and all i have to show for it is a burned out sparkler and a new neurotic obsession with my balls.

hey everyone! i hope you're doing well. i had a conversation at a party last night that left me with the burning question, how long should my balls be? well, i'm concerned. apparently long-balls are a turn-off. do you think there's such a thing as testiplasty? get back to me.

my guest for episode 83 is austin radio personalty b-doe! b-doe is a disc jockey on klbj fm here in austin and a big supporter of live music and musicians. he got his start on the austin music network, got another tv show, which he also co-created, and eventually ended up on the radio. i've always gotten along great with him. he is a sweet guy and as i said, a great supporter and fan of music. i was glad b-doe could come by the apartment and we could talk about how he got here. enjoy it! i did.

ciao! =jg

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