Episode 84: Burgess Meredith - Josh King

hey everyone! i rented a carpet cleaner from the home depot and cleaned my carpets. pretty cool huh? also, last week, i discovered that if i leave my house, life gets exciting. i've seen bands, movies, stand-up comics and friends. who would've thought? anyway, things have been going well. i've been working on songs for my new e.p.. i'm trying to figure out what direction i'm going to take the recordings and who i'm going to record with. i'll keep you posted. how's your summer so far? mine started badly, but it's really looking up.

my guest for episode 84 is josh king from the band, burgess meredith. i met josh when he came over to do this interview. my cousin emily told me about them, i listened to them and fell in love! anyway, i got ahold of josh and invited him over to chat, he accepted and he turned out to be a great hang as well. i had a great time talking to him about his band and music. i'm sorry, but i was hungover for this interview. that's also a part of leaving your house... cocktails. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! jg

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