Episode 87: Laurie Gallardo - Radio Personality

do not behave!

hello friends! i've battling shoulder pain the last few days. i have knots in my left shoulder. and every few months it flares up. it sucks, but it seems to be going away a bit. maybe it's just the painkillers. i went to an anniversary show at antone's here in austin the other night. i ran into a lot of old friends, i got to see some great musicians play some great music and i ran into a few people that listen to the show. it's always a pleasure to run into folks that listen to the show. anyway, i talked to david grissom and it looks like we're getting together next week for an interview, so look for that coming soon. he's amazing and he's a great guy, so i'm looking forward to it.

my guest for episode 87 is radio personality on KUT (the austin NPR station) and my pal, laurie gallardo!laurie and i have been friends for quite a few years. when she was the lead singer of the all-girl band, the platforms, we did a lot of shows together. she has been at KUT here in austin for over a decade and has turned us all on to new local bands with her austin music minute and texas music matters segments. her voice and name have become so familiar to anyone who listens to KUT and she is an extremely entertaining sweetheart. we spent some time talking about public radio vs. commercial radio, el paso, roller derby and much more. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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