Episode 895: Primo Returns!

Hello friends! I hope you're hanging in there during this scary time. The always entertaining, Austin pop artist, Primo a.k.a. Laura Lee Bishop is my guest for episode 895! Primo is releasing a new single in collaboration with Finnish synth-wave artist Ace Buchannon the synth-pop anthem, "Secret" this Friday 3/20 on Bandcamp.com. Lucky for you, we are debuting the song at the end of this episode! Find Primo's music, videos, links to socials and more at Primothealien.com. She also co-hosts the podcast, Heavy Friending with Joe Barlow available where ever you stream the pods. Laura and I have a great conversation about "Secret", what she's doing while she's quarantined, streaming live shows during this time, her podcast adventures, "Love Is Blind", Dungeons & Dragons and much more! Always a good time chatting with this talented and entertaining alien. Enjoy! Let's get down!

Ciao! -JG

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