Episode 94: Ulrich Ellison

someone please stop the clown!

hey everyone! my voice has been messed up for the last couple of days. i think i just sang a lot, talked too much and didn't sleep enough. anyway, it's back. i'm back. i missed all kinds of pool parties and such on sunday. i'm going to have to make up for it this weekend. what's going on out there? i'm wearing my bathing suit...

my guest for episode 94 is austrian guitar viruoso, ulrich ellison. i just ulrich about a month ago and i've seen him play with my friend, nakia. anyway, i didn't really know anything about ulrich until he came over and we got to sit down and have a conversation. well, it turns out he's a classically trained musician who studied in the music conservatory in vienna then came to texas on a fulbright scholarship and got his masters in jazz guitar at the university of texas. his journey is an interesting one and i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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