Episode 95: Danny Reisch - Producer/Drummer

did somebody say shrimp?

hey everyone! before i let this go too far... thank you so much for listening! also, i will be playing a solo show with joseph king here in austin at the volstead lounge on sunday, august 26th. more details coming soon. i'll also be playing a solo show with joseph at zirzamin in new york city on thursday, september 20th. i believe SKYROCKET! will be playing on 9/21 at the hill country bar be que in nyc... i'll keep you posted.

my guest for episode 95 is record producer, danny reisch. danny has produced records for the bright light social hour, what made milwaukee famous, white denim, crooks, suzanna choffel and many, many more. danny started out playing in bands in dallas, working on his own four-track and becoming an intern at a major studio while still in high school after a recording session that opened his eyes to the wonderful world of recording. danny is a super creative and talented, supportive and genuine person and i was glad that we were able to talk. i hope you enjoy our conversation. i did.

ciao! -jg

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