Episode 97: Karl Anderson (actor/writer)

the juice!

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hello everyone! i hope you're taking summer's denouement in stride. i'm definitely feeling some "end of summer sadness". one way to get rid of the summer blues is to come see me and my friend joseph king play at the volstead lounge this sunday, august 26th. the volstead lounge is located at 1500 e. 6th st in austin texas. the show starts at 9. i'll play a set, joseph will play a set and then we'll play a set together. so come out to the volstead lounge on sunday and celebrate summer's end with the johnny and joseph show!

my guest for episode 97 is my old friend, actor/writer, karl anderson. i hadn't seen karl in a few months, when out of the blue i saw his face pop up in front of me at a gig last week. i was so surprised! karl and i have been friends for almost 18 years and have spent a lot of time talking art, music, books and of course, movies. plus, karl got me into bukowski. i'll never forget that! karl is a working actor here in austin. he's been in a lot of tv shows and movies. he was recently in a movie that got a lot of attention at the festivals over the last year called, "strings". i just saw it and it's amazing. it also stars one of our former guests, billy harvey. anyway, i'm really glad i got to sit down with karl and talk. i hope you enjoy it. i did.

ciao! -jg

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