Episode 98: Kacy Crowley

over-caffeinated and ready for action!

hello everyone! i hope you're doing well. things are good here. just a little behind on my podcasting due to the work i've been putting into episode 100. episode 100 will be a "highlights" episode, it's just that there are soooooo many fucking episodes now, it's been hard to get through them in time. anyway, that's not your problem. i'm playing some solo shows. even one tonight, thursday, august 30th. 219 west on west 6th... if you happen to be in austin, come down. i would love to see you.

my guest for episode 98 is my dear old friend and former bandmate, the amazing kacy crowley. kacy and i were in a band together called, liars & saints. we broke up around 5 months ago. anyway, i've been friends with kacy for around 17 years. she is an amazing songwriter, singer, musician and she is extremely funny. she has a very interesting story about overcoming adversity at a very  young age and following her dreams, getting side-tracked, get her shit together, getting into the big machine and living to tell about it. i loved our conversation. in fact, i'm going to have her on again. have fun!

ciao! -jg

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