Episode 99: Mixtape - 10 songs from guests of the podcast

bring these jams to your labor day pool parties and tell your friends, "let's get down!".

hello everyone! this is kind of summer's last hurrah. makes me sad. i have to play tonight and i'm in a wedding on sunday. my only chance for a pool party his labor day weekend is on labor day itself... i can make this happen. congratulations to kyle and kristi. i love you both. i'll post some tuxedo pics on instagram. do you follow me on instagram?

episode 99 is a mixtape. 10 songs from guests that have been on the show, the sideshow tragedy, kat edmonson, miles zuniga, fastball, the quiet company, black taxi, deadbeat darling, alpha rev, ume and sheboygan's whole version of our theme song, "needle hits the groove"!!!! my personal "now that's what i call music: guests of my podcast". there was no rhyme or reason. i just picked 10 songs yesterday while i was running and i put them on. i think this mixtape is perfect for your labor day pool party, out on the boat, going for a drive or simply sitting around your house, hating yourself and everyone around you. i hope you enjoy this.

ciao! -jg

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