Episode 999: Music From “How Did I Get Here?”

Hello friends!!! Welcome to episode 999 where I get to play DJ and play you guys some songs from guests that have been on the show over the last hundred episodes. You can find an expanded version on Spotify. Here's what's on the show...

  1. Jackie Venson - "Home"
  2. Bonnie Whitmore - "A Song For George"
  3. The Blowies - "CDC"
  4. Kydd Jones - "Goblin"
  5. Ray Prim - "Fighting For Air"
  6. Pelvis Wrestley - "In Heaven"
  7. Dossey - "Someone To Love"
  8. The Lickerish Quartet - "Lighthouse Spaceship"
  9. Jermaine Holmes - "Never Knew Love"
  10. The Belle Sounds - "Lucid Dream"
  11. Nané - "Always On My Mind"

Listen to the 33 song Spotify playlist HERE. Let's Get Down!


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