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Monday Dec 14, 2015

hello friends! i hope you all had a great weekend! i did. i was back in the saddle with skyrocket. we went to houston and played a corporate christmas party. it was good, but i didn't feel well during the show. like the whole show. i soldiered through though. came back to austin on saturday, did this podcast with the welches took a two-hour nap and played hanover's with skyrocket. i felt much better. we had a good time. i'm struggling with wearing earplugs on stage... i hate it.episode 445 is a super-sized episode loaded with extra goodness! first up, i have a quick skype conversation with power pop legend and one of my heroes, dwight twilley! dwight is playing a solo acoustic show THIS thursday, december 17th at the hole in the wall here in austin, tx. here's some more info on the show twilley @ the hole in the wall anyway, dwight and i catch up since our last chat (around a year ago) about playing solo shows, his art book, smoking and more! it's a good time. next up, we're joined by kevin, dustin and savannah welch! they're taking their "welch family throwdown" around texas this week. they'll be in wimberley, the woodlands and ft. worth. find out more here welch family throwdown we have a fantastic conversation about making music as a family, dustin's non-profit, soldier songs, kevin's songwriting retreats, nashville then vs. now, broadway faces and much, much more! i love the welches. i'm sure you will too. let's get down! ciao! -jg

Episode 430: Frank Turner

Friday Oct 30, 2015

Friday Oct 30, 2015

hello friends! i hope this episode finds you prepared to "fall back" this year. yes! it's time to set your clocks back an hour. plus, it's halloween. if you live in austin and don't have halloween plans, my band, skyrocket, will be playing at cedar street courtyard. we'll be playing around 9:30 or 10. dress up and come out and play. a couple of more announcements as well... sunday, nov. 1st from 4-10pm is jumperfest at the volstead and hotel vegas. there will be tons of bands and artists playing including myself with all proceeds going to the national motorcycle safety fund. click HERE for more info on the event. my guest for episode 430 is the amazing singer/songwriter, frank turner! frank was in austin on tour this week in support of his new album, positive songs for negative people. he's been on tour of the u.s. for over a month with plans to return a lot in the new year. anyway, i met up with frank backstage  at emo's in austin, tx before his instore at waterloo and his show later that night at emo's. frank and i had a fantastic conversation about record stores, the punk ethos, touring the u.s. and much, much more. i had the pleasure of getting to see his solo instore at waterloo and full-band emo's show with his band, the sleeping souls. both shows were amazing and intense. if he comes to a town near you, go see him! i hope you enjoy getting to know frank as much as i did. let's get down! ciao! -jg

Tuesday May 19, 2015

hello and welcome to this unique episode of "how did i get here?". a few weeks ago i went to visit suzanna choffel and her new baby, lulu. we got to talking about continuing to rock once you've entered motherhood. wondering how you balance being an performing/touring/creative artist and a mother... well, we decided to turn it into a podcast. i asked suzanna to put together a group of women she sees as her support team and to co-host the show. we have a wonderful group of extremely talented mothers. savanna welch, jazz mill, raina rose and elizabeth mcqueen share their experiences as moms that rock. we get a great insight into the writing/recording/touring/backstage life with a child. my thanks to suzanna and lulu for putting together the panel of guests and co-hosting. thanks to raina and benny, savanna, elizabeth and jazz. we had a great conversation, passed babies around and laughed. i hope you enjoy our chat. i sure did. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Tuesday May 05, 2015

hello friends! happy cinco de mayo! i hope you're well. i had a great weekend i went to infinity+infinty, saw bottlerocket, went to chepofest, i've been staying with my dogs... good times. my guests for episode 375 are the incredible rock and roll duo, making their 3rd appearance on the show, the sideshow tragedy! their incredible new album, capital comes out today. they'll be playing a release show here in austin at the continental club on may 9th and then they'll be heading out on tour may 15th-may 30th. go to to find out when they'll be coming to a town near you. we had a great conversation about everything, the long-term dangers of football, making capital, touring europe vs. touring the u.s., the lessons learned on tour, "the kenny loggins" drink at the double-wide in dallas is no longer called "the kenny loggins" and much, much more. i love talking to these guys. enjoy!ciao! -jg

Tuesday Mar 17, 2015

congratulations to our sponsor, strange brew loungeside for taking "best venue to play", "best club sound" and "best live music venue" in the 2014/2015 austin music poll!hello friends! welcome to the first sxsw show of the season. on sunday, march 15th i got to go to the beats delicious festival at the stonehouse villa in driftwood, texas! i got to watch and talk to wild adriatic, angela perley & the howlin' moons, topher mohr and skinny lister. my friend amy and her crew at beats delicious pulled together a great festival showcasing all these great bands from all over, with local vendors promoting all their wares from make-overs to photo booths, a gin and juice bar, local brewries, food and more. the stonehouse villa was a gorgeous location and we got to do our interviews in the bridal suite. i was joined by kristi olberding who shot some gorgeous photos which i will post on our facebook page. if you'd like to see kristi's work, check out her website i hope you enjoy my conversations with these great bands as much as i did. i had a blast at the festival and i'm looking forward to next year. thanks beats delicious! let's get down!ciao!

Tuesday Jan 20, 2015

hello friends! i hope this episode finds you slaying the evil dragons of life and rejoicing afterwards. things are good here. i've ben trying to figure out what i'm going to play next wednesday. i haven't done any solo shows since last september. i might need to figure it out soon. also, i'm looking for band people for a new band. i don't know exactly what i want to do, but i'm willing to try some new shit. we'll see. i'll keep you posted. i feel like i've had some false starts over the last couple of years. time to guests for episode 344 are matt ott from black fret and one-man-band gothic rocker, lincoln durham. lincoln is one of the recent recipients of black fret's $10,000 grants. we have a great three-way conversation about black fret and how it works from one of it's founders (matt) while getting an insider's view to what it's like to have won a grant. all the while learning about lincoln durham and his amazing and unique musical journey. great guys, great conversation. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 336: Bryan Keeling

Tuesday Dec 23, 2014

Tuesday Dec 23, 2014

merry christmas! i hope you're all in some kind of holiday spirit. i know i am. when this comes out, i'll already be at my grandmother's house in houston with cousins, aunts, uncle chuck, my grandmother, a fuck-load of dogs and chaos. i got all of my shopping done and everything wrapped on saturday. hooray for me! i didn't buy music for everyone. i bought about 8 albums at local record stores and bought the rest of my gifts at local bookstores and clothing stores. while didn't only buy music, i did support local shops. partial success. i hope you all have a very happy holiday what ever you do. my guest for episode 336 is rock and roll drummer extraordinaire, bryan keeling. i first saw bryan play in 1989 when he was the drummer of austin art rock band, water the dog. we played together in mr. rocket baby from 1993-1994. we didn't really talk or hang out until our recent mr. rocket baby reunion and it felt great. bryan has spent the last 20 years playing music, he moved to l.a., recorded with pink, played with shooter jennings for years and now plays with eric sardinas and big motor and tours the world. even africa! i had a great time reconnecting with bryan after so many years. playing music can be a healing experience. join bryan and i for coffee as w catch up over the last 20 years. let's get down! ciao! -jg

Episode 329: Greezy Wheels

Tuesday Nov 25, 2014

Tuesday Nov 25, 2014

hello friends! i hope you have safe travels and a great thanksgiving! my guest for episode 329 is cleve hattersley from the legendary texas band, greezy wheels! cleve came by a couple of weeks ago and we had an amazing conversation about everything from running political campaigns, being the house band at the armadillo, putting out major label records in 70's, a 23 years hiatus, getting inducted into the texas music hall of fame, getting busted for weed and much, much more. you can find out where they're playing and get their music at i thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with cleve. i'm sure you will too. let's get down!

Episode 322: Not In The Face

Friday Oct 31, 2014

Friday Oct 31, 2014

hello friends! happy halloween. i hope all of you little goblins are enjoying the weirdest day of the year. i am in houston with skyrocket this weekend. we're playing several shows. i'll be hanging out with my family when i'm not playing. i'm looking forward to it. i got a new pedal board in the mail and i am having the time of my life putting it together. i have to make a mr. rocket baby board, then after that show, i'm going to figure out what my next band is gonna be. i'll let you guests for episode 322 are rock and roll band, not in the face! i've been trying to get these guys on for about a year and a half. i am a huge fan of their music and it turns out they're really cool guys. i go to go to their rehearsal space/home and we sat on the porch and talked about working with bob ezrin, staying hungry, working hard, touring with X, traditional rock and roll and much, much more. i really love this band and i had a great time getting to know them. you will too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

Episode 318: Penny Jo Pullus

Friday Oct 17, 2014

Friday Oct 17, 2014

hello friends! it's fall and i'm loving it! i'm taking a break from working on a song for the new kimmie rhodes album. i'm going into the studio on monday to play on the basic tracks for the album. i did some songs earlier this year and it was a blast. her son, gabe is producing and playing on the album and the rest of the band is amazing. anyway, i'm looking forward to doing that on monday. this weekend, i'll be playing with skyrocket. we're playing in fredericksburg on saturday and playing a wedding in san antonio on sunday. busy, busy. you'll hear all about it on the show on guest for episode 318 is singer and songwriter, penny jo pullus! i've known penny jo and we've been friends for nearly 20 years. she's an amazing singer who was born to sing. i sang with her at a show a couple of months ago with john bush and i was curious about her story. although we've been friends for years, i didn't really know her whole story. well, she cam over and we talked about her growing up in syracuse, ny doing musical theater, then broke off into punk rock and eventually found her way to austin and the singer/songwriter scene. i had a great time getting to know penny jo. i know you will too. let's get down!ciao! -jg

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